Rethinking Cities: Films and Dicussion

Rethinking Cities: Films and Dicussion

Posted by barbf on Sat, 04/16/2011 - 09:25

Rethinking Cities:
Film and Discussion Series
A look at how sprawl replaced traditional neighborhoods and what can be done to bring back community and sustainability to our cities and towns. Group discussion follows. 
Films start at 7 PM, Laurel Room, Sunnyvale Community Center, 550 East Remington. Doors open at 6:45. FREE. 
May 6--Save Our Land, Save Our Towns. (One hour) Small town newsman Tom Hylton explores why America's towns have declined and what we can do to revive them. “Development and zoning issues normally make the eyes glaze...Tom Hylton makes them downright fascinating." Philadelphia Daily News
May 13--Creating Places We Want to Live 

  • Portland: A Sense of Place. (Design e2 episode) (30 minutes) 2008 Thanks to a progressive public transportation portfolio that includes train, streetcar, bus and aerial tram, Portland has become one of the most livable cities in the US.
  • Community by Design. (26 minutes) 1997 Learn about the key role that design plays in building community from some leading progressive thinkers on the subject.  

May 20--Welcoming Pedestrians and Cyclists to the City (Selected Street Films) 

  • Copenhagen's Car-Free Streets and Slow Speed Zones. (5:08)  2010
  • An Alfresco Talk with Jan Gehl. (9:48) 2008  
  • Moving Beyond the Automobile: Bicycling.  (3:36) 2011
  • Ciclovia Bogota.  (9:41) 2007
  • San Jose Hosts Inaugural Via Velo.  (4:25) 2010

June 3--Developing Sustainable Transportation:  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Bicycle Infrastructure   

  • Curitiba's BRT Inspired BRT Around the World.  (Street Film)  (8:03) 2009
  • Guangzhou, China's Winning the Future with BRT. (Street Film) (5:18)  2011
  • BRT:  LA's Orange Line:  Bus Rapid Transit (Plus Bike Path). (Street Film) (4:56) 2009
  • Bike Sharing Paris:  Velo Liberte.  (Design e2) (30 minutes) 2008 The public-private Velib bike initiative encourages Parisians to forgo cars for bikes and public transportation, fostering a unique popular culture in the city.
  • Cycling Copenhagen Through North American Eyes. (Street Film) (10:45) 2010           
This film and discussion series is co-sponsored by Sunnyvale Cool, Transition Silicon Valley,  the Sierra Club  (Loma Prieta Chapter).  Made possible in part by a grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.